Par 3
Championship tee – 201 yards
Medal tee – 199 yards

Justin Rose says: The 14th hole is a really nice par 3 well bunkered and anything that you hit left runs off the left hand side and gets swallowed up by a bunker, so another strategic hole well bunkered and again all I am looking for on this hole is the middle of the green. It’s probably going to be playing 5 or 6 yards downhill which is half a club downhill and you are probably looking at a 5 or 6-iron to this green.

Brian says: The big danger here is the bank sheltering the tee, which leaves golfers unsure of the wind strength. The entrance to the green has been narrowed with bunkering, and the green itself has been extended. When the pin is at the front, the putts are very slick indeed, and although the hole measures 201 yards, pin placements at the back can take the flag to 215 or 220 yards, so it can turn into quite a long hole.

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