Par 5
Championship tee – 544 yards
Medal tee – 544 yards

Justin Rose says: The 15th hole is the first par 5 you play on the golf course which is very unusual for a lot of golf courses. With the right wind direction it is a very realistic birdie opportunity. Down wind you want to try and challenge the bunkers on the left hand side and you want to try and carry them and get a firm kick and leave yourself something like a 2 or 3-iron into the green. But into the wind those bunkers that your challenging really become the bunkers in play so you want to try and feed your drive down the right hand side. If the wind is very strong and you miss the fairway you’re really going to have a tough time getting passed the bunkers that leave you about 150 yards to the front of the green. But if you put the ball in play you can then lay up over the second set of bunkers and leave yourself 75 or 80 yards to the front of the green which would give you a realistic birdie opportunity.

Brian says: This is a true par 5. There is extra bunkering 300 yards from the tee, and it is not a hole where you see golfers putting the ball on the green in two very often – and certainly not if it is playing into the wind. In 1983 there was only one eagle at this hole, and that was when Tom Kite holed out with a 4-iron, so this is not a hole that gives up that much.

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