Par 4
Championship tee – 439 yards
Medal tee – 370 yards

Justin Rose says: The 16th hole again suits a little bit of a left to right tee shot which again I am very comfortable with and from there it’s probably a 6, 7 or 8-iron into a green where you would need to carry the ball right into the into the middle of.  If you come up short with your second shot the ball has a tendency to run back down the front of the green and leave a very difficult up and down.  

Brian says: This is an extended hole, and off the tee golfers have got to be straight. There will be thick rough in the lower-lying areas on the left, and on the right there is uneven, broken ground with small bushes – and this is where we have the Arnold Palmer plaque. On a flat, calm day I can see Open golfers hitting driver and wedge, but there just aren’t that many days like that unfortunately!

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