Par 4
Championship tee – 421 yards
Medal tee – 418 yards

Justin Rose says: The second hole, again depending on the prevailing wind, is a tee shot where it’s maybe a 2-iron if there is not much wind or a low 3-wood. You want to hit it about 260 yards off the tee and avoid the bunkers that are on the right hand side that sit at about 290/300 yards out. From there you want to hit a nice approach shot as the greens are relatively small at Birkdale so a middle of the green shot is good and if the pins are at the back then you definitely want to be short of the hole. Over the back of that green is really big trouble so again its another strategy hole – your driving the ball short of a couple of bunkers and hitting it into the middle of the green.

Brian says: New bunkers down the right side make a good target line, but golfers need to keep away from the deep rough on the right, where the ground is lower and the rough tends to be particularly thick. In keeping with the rest of the course, it’s best to hit it up the left side of the fairway where there is more room. A 250-yard drive will leave 150 to the front of the green, so it’s not too long. The green is small but not tricky.

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