Par 4
Championship tee – 451 Yards
Medal Tee – 406 yards

Justin Rose says: The 3rd hole is a long par 4 where they have put the tee back and it’s a good opportunity to hit your driver for the first time. So for me on that hole I am probably going to hit my Tour Burner Driver which is probably going to be about a 290 club for me, which is perfect it just leaves me short of the bunkers at about 310 yards off the tee. From there it’s a pretty long, fairly narrow green so clubbing is essential on this hole. You are going to be left with a 7-iron into the green so two good shots could set up a birdie opportunity here.

Brian says: A new tee has added length to make the hole 450 yards from the back. It is often helped by the prevailing westerly wind, which might take the driver out of the players’ hands if they want to be sure they don’t reach the bunkers. The left half of the fairway is the place to be, but if the pros drop into the left-hand bunkers they’ll be chipping out sideways. The green is relatively big, but when the pin is at the back it can be difficult to reach.

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