Par 3
Championship tee – 201 yards
Medal tee – 200 yards

Justin Rose says: The 4th hole is a pretty straight forward par 3. There is a little tree behind the green that I use as an aiming point. For me this hole is about avoiding the left hand side, there are some bunkers, humps and hollows on the left side if you do pull your iron shot. It’s probably about a 5-iron from 195 yards into the middle of the green.

Brian says: The first par 3 has an elevated tee and it seems rather straight-forward. It is also the only hole which has been shortened from the last time the Open was here. But if the wind blows off the left it makes it a little trickier. When the pin is placed in the left-hand half of the green golfers will need to hit a draw into the bank, or else it will kick the ball to the right and away from the flag.

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