Par 4
Championship tee – 346 yards
Medal tee – 343 yards

Justin Rose says: The 5th hole I would regard as a birdie opportunity. It’s a relatively conservative shot off the tee, about a 4-iron up the right hand side of the fairway which should leave me one of my Z-TP wedges into the green probably anything from a little pitching wedge to a sand wedge in there so really this is realistically a birdie opportunity. Although it’s a fairly sloping green I think there are a couple of pin placements you will be able to really attack and hopefully make a 3.

Brian says: This is a short, narrow par 4 that is often under-estimated, and the advantages of taking on the dog-leg are not great. With the wind behind, some players could drive the green, but if it goes wrong you are talking big numbers. To the right of the fairway is a bank where the rough is normally knee deep. Drive placement is imperative and they need to hit the ball 230 to 240 yards to leave an approach of 100 yards to a small, well protected green.

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