Par 4
Championship tee – 499 yards
Medal tee – 488 yards

Justin Rose says: The 6th hole is one of the longest,toughest par 4’s on the golf course – it’s normally a par 5 for members but the turn it into a par 4 for The Open Championship. There is a really big bunker on the right hand side of the fairway that you have to avoid at all costs. I have been hitting a 3-wood off this hole to come up just short of the bunker and except that I am going to have a really long approach in with a either a 2-iron or a Rescue club into the green here. This is a kind of hole that if you make four 4’s your ecstatic but probably par for the week on this hole will be a total of 18 shots. It plays about a par 4 ½.

Brian says: There are three ways to tackle this tee shot: lay-up short of the cross bunker and take on a blind second shot; drive left of the cross bunker to get a view of the green; or drive over the bunker, which is a 275-yard carry, for a relatively straightforward approach – but if the wind is against they’ve got no chance. The stroke average in the 1998 Open was well over four (4.62). It’s almost a par-five green as well – long and thin. I would like to watch the players hit long irons over 200 yards onto that green, into the wind. You don’t see that often.

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