Par 3
Championship tee – 178 yards
Medal tee – 177 yards

Justin Rose says: The 7th hole is a nice par 3 surrounded by bunkers and for me it plays a little bit downhill and depending on the wind it’s a short to medium iron in there something around a 7-iron. No matter where they put the pin on the green a middle of the green shot is going to serve you well for any pin placement and if your fortunate enough to make a putt that’s how your going to make your birdie there.

Brian says: This hole has a small green that is well protected. If the ball goes into one of the tiny pot bunkers it becomes a tricky up-and-down, and the players would need to display an extremely delicate touch from the sand. The back left pin position is superb: it is difficult to reach and they have to move the ball from right to left to find it.

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