Par 4
Championship tee – 457 yards
Medal tee – 413 yards

Justin Rose says: The 8th hole is a really demanding par 4, well bunkered from the tee. Into the wind I think it’s a really strong par 4. Driver, 5-iron and you really need to keep the ball down which is I think something that added dimension to my game this year. With the new TaylorMade Red LDP ball I have got the ability to keep the ball down which I think is only going to help in windy conditions. Down wind you need to hit 3-wood off the tee to avoid running out into the bunkers that are on your aiming line through the end of the fairways. So, a very strategic hole and depending on the different wind directions probably different clubs from the tee, driver or 3-wood.

Brian says: This is a good driving hole. The fairway has a long, slow curve to the left and is tailor made for a draw. It is imperative to find the fairway, so some might take a 3-wood, but Tiger Woods hit a tee shot to within 10 yards of the green in 1998. It can be a good birdie opportunity, but it has what I call a typical Birkdale green, as the borrows are not huge but the putting lines can be hard to find.

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