Par 4
Championship tee – 414 yards
Medal tee – 410 yards

Justin Rose says: The 9th hole is a blind tee shot where you’re generally hitting a 3-wood or a Rescue onto the top of the fairway and then you have probably got a 7 or 8-iron into a fairly large green, which generally slopes from left to right. On the 9th hole I think the blind tee shot is the hardest part of the hole, you need to pick a good line in the distance and trust it.

Brian says: The fairway has been moved to the left so as to accentuate the dog-leg and hitting a 270-yard tee shot would be perfect. While lots of players used to take the corner on, if their ball gets caught in some new mounding it is going to be very difficult to reach the green. The green is raised and they really don’t want to go over the back into very deep rough – a no-go area – so the pros have got to play their approach from the fairway to make sure they get backspin.

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