Tickets can be pre-booked on the Open website, but season tickets (for the whole week) had to be bought by May 1. It is possible to purchase tickets at the gates during Open week at any time of day, but be ready to face long queues. If you intend to pay by card, make sure the gate you queue up for accepts them – not all of them will.

Under-16s are entitled to free admission, but only if they apply in writing, in advance,
to the R&A Ticket Office (address at the end of this article), or if they are accompanied by a “responsible adult”. Under-16s without a juvenile ticket or unaccompanied by a responsible adult will be entitled to purchase a youth ticket.

Daily Tickets

Rates given are for:
Adults – Aged 65 & over – Aged 16-21 years

Practice Days

Sunday July 13: £10 – £5 – £5
Monday July 14: £25 –£15 –£15
Tuesday July 15: £30 –£25 –£15
Wednesday July 16: £30 –£25 – £15

Championship Days

Thursday July 17 to Sunday July 20:
£55 –£40 – £25
(All prices are inclusive of VAT)