The scoring yesterday was tough for the simple reason that the wind got up and made every aspect of the game far more challenging, but for all of the entertainment Thursday’s play gave us, there is something quite entertaining about watching players struggle a bit.

Take 17 for example. Just eight birdies there and playing at an average of 4.635, the hardest hole by some way. One of the best viewing points has to be in the stands by the 17th green and 18th tee. It’s here where you witness player after player play there approaches in shortly before throwing their clubs to the ground in sheer disbelief.

Yesterday, Sir Nick Faldo, pulled his second so far left that he left himself a 50-yard pitch over the Road Hole bunker. There was plenty of putting off the road with the seemingly easiest spot to get up and down being the notoriously difficult Road Hole bunker itself.

All this before discovering that more then a few players had played three off the tee after slicing one into someone’s hotel bedroom. Perhaps it’s the frustration of the nasty 17th that makes 18 the second easiest hole so far at 3.724 as there have been some angry looking tee shots making it on in one.

It all makes for a great combination, the good with the bad, so here’s hoping for a cracking Moving Day…