My alarm went off at 6.30am, it is a special day, first day of the 2010 Open and it’s at St Andrews.

Now ever since I have found out that I was coming up to St Andrews there have been loads of things I have been thinking about doing, watching the players hitting into the 17th green, wandering around the incredibly historic town and also recreating this famous film scene.

You see I am running the Berlin marathon in September and this is the perfect chance to get some training in while up here.

My run didn’t start well as I proceeded to get lost in this maze of a town, how exactly you manage to lose the sea and a beach I don’t know but that’s what I managed to do. Having made a U-turn in St Andrews high street I trundled past BBC presenter Dan Walker who was shooting his opening shots for the BBC’s Open coverage.

I eventually found the course and it was not quite as busy as I had expected but it was still early and players were teeing off. I rounded a corner in the Bruce Embankment that is to the right of the first tee and onto the beach.

I have never run on sand before and let me tell you it is tough, but the entire atmosphere of the place kept me going. I passed oystercatchers having their breakfast in the shallows, huge waves crashing on to the beach from the North sea as well as other joggers. 

A mile or so onto the beach I decided it was time to head back and as I turned I saw the entire town in all of its glory. St Andrews is nicknamed the ‘Auld Grey Toon’ and now I know why. From a distance on this gloomy Thursday morning there was low dark cloud hovering above the town’s church’s steeples, it looked more like a setting to a horror film than a sporting event. It sent shivers down my spine.

 The run home was one that would not have broken any land speed records but it was an enjoyable one, past more joggers and wildlife and back up to the start of the Old course, spectators seemed to be growing thicker in numbers. 

 A quick peek at one of the massive scoreboards showed that Marcel Siem had taken an early lead and as I returned back to my lodgings I managed to not even get lost.

So a good start to the day and to the Open, 5 miles under my belt and the tournament has only just begun… now time for breakfast