UK – US relations can be described as complex. Both share a history, a common language and legal system, culture and even ancestral lines.

Today (as confirmed by foreign policy) the relationship between the two is of incredible importance in regards to political affairs, trade, commerce, technology, military intelligence etc.

Yet, you cannot deny the subtle rivalry between the two; a rivalry that is most evident when it comes to sports.

Golf, a sport that represents status and skill, a sport born and raised on UK territory, has been invaded by US players with now immortal names like Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods.

Much like a child surpassing a parent, US players seem to have the grip (pun intended) just right; that was up until the result of The US Open, and I am thrilled to see what happens come July.

Justin Rose’s amazing performance and victory in The US Open left Phil Mickelson along with American golf fans heartbroken.

Rose became the first Briton to win the US Open in more than 40 years; Mickelson ended up in second place for the sixth time.

So what of this year’s “British” Open? Well Tiger Woods is still leading the pack in The Open odds being an 8/1 favourite, but I am looking forward to seeing Rose and Mickelson on the course again.

Whether you are watching for the love of the game, the player or the country, The Open will be one thrilling ride this year.