After shooting a Friday round-up video on the beach first thing at North Berwick this morning, I headed up to the course determined to follow one of the more intriguing mid-morning pairings – Sergio Garcia and Padraig Harrington – partly to see how frosty their relationship was these days. I believe things are supposed to be okay between them now, but there was certainly little in the way of chat for the three or four holes I was with them. I then hung back for a while to take in the double Major champ pairing behind them – YE Yang, decked out in the most fluorescent slacks I’ve ever seen, and Sandy Lyle.

I found a great spot behind the 7th green and watched Yang’s weak tee-shot drift right into a cavernous bunker while Sandy struck a decent blow to about 25ft. Yang’s head disappeared completely as he ventured in to play his shot, and he was the only one who didn’t then see his ball pop gently out before landing and rolling right into the heart of the cup… though the loudest roar I’ve heard so far this week probably gave the outcome away! The beaming South Korean emerged from the bunker encouraging the crowd to prolong the applause, before Sandy, using the largest putter in world golf, just about managed to two-putt.

En route back to the media centre I passed Jamie Donaldson in the practice bunker, deliberately practising impossible shots with one leg in and one leg out, with very mixed results. He then reverted to a standard lie from where he promptly knifed the second one 40 yards through the green. Fingers crossed if he goes in any bunkers he’ll find some impossible lies!

I stumbled across Harrington and Garcia again as I crossed the 9th with Sergio outscoring his Major nemesis by about 5 shots at that point, before taking in a spot of lunch and a meeting with a former Ryder Cup player and captain in the café. Now, I’m settling down to watch the main attraction, torn between wanting Lee to finally deliver and Miguel to keep the fairytale alive for at least another day…