Open Championship 2013 blog

Justin Rose talking about getting the yardages right on a fast-running course… perhaps he hasn’t quite worked it out yet:

“There’s a lot of guesstimation, I guess.”

Rose gives some more sage advice on how to cope with the vagaries of links golf:

“I think you can be a lot more precise, possibly, if that makes any sense. I was all over the place.”

Justin disappoints a hopeful questioner:

Q – “Could you give us some examples of unexpected or exciting things that have happened to you as being a Major golf championship winner?”

Justin – “Not really.”

A slightly off-piste question to the new U.S. Open champion:

Q – “What do you think about the job the engraver does with the Claret Jug… ?”

Justin – “I’m hoping to get a two-for-one deal.”

Rose is stumped before seeing the light:

Q – “What do you think the winning score might be?”

Justin – “I really don’t know…. 8-under.”

A question to Rory McIlroy about Nick Faldo’s critical comments earlier in the week:

“If you win on Sunday, will you thank Nick Faldo from the “heart of your bottom?'”

A questioner enters a surreal world where he tries to disrupt Rory McIlroy’s sense of self:

“Because, I guess, you know better than anybody apart from yourself.”