upsidedown: Great Open, everything top notch from the weather to not knowing who was going to win as the final pair started the back nine on Sunday.
 Top coverage from the BBC, golf at it’s best.
 Worthy winner who played the round of his life.

MashieNiblick: Great win for Phil. Very sorry for Westwood – true he was out played on the last day but a 70 would have seen him win the Claret Jug. Amazing for Lefty to finish with 2 birdies. That’s the way to win a Major.
 Course was fiery and difficult but the result surely justified the set up. A great last day and a truly worthy winner.

Evesdad: In a major I like to see the top players challenged and they certainly were. It’s a major not a run of the mill tour event. That’s why they are the majors. So for me a great event different leaders throughout the event and a Brit in contention. Magic.

golfdub: Why couldn’t we ever see the ball in flight and landing ? A lot of the times the commentators had to guess where the ball was. I remember watching the masters and being able to see every flight of every ball. On a dramatic day like this Sunday it’s very frustrating not knowing where the ball has landed.

drive4show: Absolutely fabulous competition, delighted for Mickelson as the guy is a class act. He went out and did exactly what McIlroy said he wouldn’t do and that is adapt his game to win on a links course. Paid massive dividends with back to back links wins.
 As for Westwood, well he won’t get a better chance to bag a major.

Doon frae Troon: Prices too high, especially in a recession.
 The course got it marginally wrong on the first day. Mainly with a few pin spots. The weather was the big factor and they did not seem to react to that.

elliottlale: The best Major in some time, sooo many TOP top golfers and such a nail biting day for everyone involved. The lead chopped and changed so much, was anyone’s to win. Some ups and downs regards reports of the course from some players, but the best golfer ended up winning!!

virtuocity: A lesson in how to hit irons off the tee and a boost to ebay as 1000s of golfers list their drivers for auction. Every Open in recent years has at least one ‘defining moment’ which fans can recall, be it a super shot, comeback or unlikely victor. This year had nothing.

Darth Fader: Has to be the best Open of recent years, great course, perfect weather and a well deserved winner.

garyinderry: Big phil just showed us all how to set your bag up to play to your strengths.

Hobbit: The first 3 days had so many twists and turns that the anticipation for today’s (Sunday) round was electric. 3, different, class players leading on the first 3 days. We drove up there early this morning to take in the atmosphere and then hopped from game to game, watching some of the world’s best players hit some stunning shots.

tyke: Fantastic tournament IMO, any one of 10 players could have won with 9 to play. My highlight surely has to be seeing Poulter pumped up and going for it for himself for once.

DCB: Great event this year. Played over a fast & firey links course for the first time in a good while. A worthy winner in Big Phil who went and took the course by the scruff of the neck and made his winning score. Poor Westy, he tried to defend his lead and that course isn’t one that can be played defensively in those conditions. He didn’t collapse IMO he just didn’t go out there to try and boss the course today as he had done on Friday and Saturday.

Mr A: A really good tournament, really wide open going into the final day. A great finish from a very worthy winner, just a shame too many were playing defensively, and not willing to take a risk and have a go. Great coverage from the BBC as usual.

Fader: I’m really glad that as it wasn’t Westwood that it was Lefty that took the spoils the guy in the last few years has really grown on me. As for the overall spectacle of the event itself not really impressed to be honest the coverage IMO was poor with having to rely on commentators guessing where balls have gone, pointless slowmo’s and I just didn’t find the course to look interesting and thought the way it was set up wasn’t great.

JustOne: Well played by Mickelson, he wasn’t even in the picture standing on the 13th tee and wins with a few to spare.
Nice guy, glad he’s finally got his name on the trophy as he’s certainly the 2nd biggest name in golf over the past 20yrs.