Grey skies, occasional showers and even a burst of hail at one point this afternoon, but the outlook remains bright at Turnberry because John Daly is here and he is wearing those trousers. Made by American brand Loudmouth, the garish, multi-coloured strides have been worn by Daly on the European Tour this season – you can hardly have missed them – and he is wearing them all
week here.
Golf Monthly got a close-up of today’s pair in the Bollinger Tent this afternoon – a bold diagonal cheque in black, magnolia, fawn and a sort of pale shade of custard. “They’re great,” the ‘Wild Thing’ told GM. “They are so colourful I can wear five or six different shirts with each pair of pants.”
The success of the Loudmouth range has led the company to bring out a range of ladies’ skorts, as modelled today by Daly’s girlfriend Anna Cladakis. For the record, she is wearing a dark skort decorated with multi-coloured circles, which is called ‘Disco Balls’. Cladakis – who is blessed with model looks and has a certain sense of glamour – and Daly have been an item for 18 months, and she splits her time between getting Daly to the right place at the right time, and working on marketing for one of Daly’s former sponsors, the infamous restaurant chain, Hooters.
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