Just had a quick scan of some of Monday’s practice pairings and spotted one or two interesting ones…

7.30 – D Duval and T Wood – not quite the mouthwatering blast from the past it might at first seem as there is an all-important ‘s’ missing from the second surname. So not a reunion of the Nike pair who once battled for the world no.1 spot, but rather Double D and Australian qualifier, Timothy Wood

8.15 – Daniel Wardrop, John Daly, Daniel Gaunt
Must have been a great moment for the young Englishman and young Australian to suddenly find themselves warming up for the 138th Open in the company of the ever-newsworthy 43-year-old. One to tell the grandchildren

10.00 – Paul Broadhurst and Peter Baker
The old Midland chums would have been able to converse in broadest Brummie without fear of not being understood

12.00 Nick Faldo, Henrik Stenson, Lee Westwood, Chris Wood
Last year’s surprise Open package found himself in lofty company. Suspect Sir Nick would have comfortably been the shortest off the tee (and perhaps the most badly dressed?)

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