The hole Sandy Lyle has dug by making comments about Colin Montgomerie and the “Jakartagate” affair continues to get deeper.

In a recent interview he was asked if he thought his decision to walk off after nine holes of last year’s Open had had an impact on him not being offered the 2010 Ryder Cup captaincy. “Monty dropped the ball badly and that is a form of cheating,” said Lyle with reference to a drop Monty took following a rain delay in the Indonesian Open some years ago. “What he did was far worse.”

Sandy has just given a press conference trying to rationalise his comments. Unfortunately, after attempting to say he had nothing against Montgomerie, he went on to refuse to rescind his allegation that Montgomerie had got away with a rules infraction in Indonesia, “That’s something Colin will have to live with forever,” he said.

Lyle is sure to be castigated in tomorrow’s press and he probably ought to try and give Monty a fairly wide berth for the rest of the week, there are rumours flying that the big man is spitting feathers.

Perhaps the funniest quote of Lyle’s press conference came when he said it was time for him to “just let his clubs do the talking.”

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