GM’s #SundayLeaderboard #WorldCupofFood

The @GolfMonthly

Calling all pun-smiths… every Friday we will be ‘hosting’ a themed golf tournament on the @GolfMonthly Twitter feed.

Well done to all who took part in last week’s #SundayLeaderboard

Look out for this week’s #SundayLeaderboard event on Friday’s @GolfMonthly Twitter feed.

are the top ten finishers for the #WorldCupofFood. Prize for 1st
place; personal pride for the other nine placed entries…

1. Gregory SmorgasBourdy

2. Hennie RisOtto

3. John Sausage Rollins

4. Eddie Salt & Pepperell

5. Nick Faldoughnut

6. Chicken DanZach Johnson

7. Cheesy Chips Beck

8. Marco Crespi Cod Pancake

9. Craig Lee & Perrins

10. David Frosties

Commiserations if yours didn’t make it this time – make sure to try again from this Friday @GolfMonthly