The number of golf clubs involved in the scheme, which is run by the English Golf Union (EGU) and English Women’s Golf Association (EWGA), to date in 2008 has seen a 38% increase in applications and a 182% increase in clubs accredited compared to this time in 2007.

The EGU/EWGA GolfMark scheme is the national award that identifies junior and beginner friendly golf facilities and with ongoing support from a Regional Development Officer, golf clubs are able to strive towards ‘the ideal’.

A telephone survey recently conducted with clubs who have already been awarded GolfMark highlighted the benefits and how it had impacted on their golf club:–

100% of golf clubs felt that the GolfMark process had been beneficial
50% have experienced increased awareness and recognition within their local community
25% have reported an increase in membership
71% have accessed funding/grants following the award
60% have created links with local schools/colleges/facilities/local community

The GolfMark telephone survey to accredited clubs will be conducted on a regular basis and the EGU/EWGA welcomes all information and feedback from clubs awarded or working towards accreditation. Case studies are also detailed on the GolfMark website

A ‘Rewards & Recognition’ package is also available for clubs, which includes additional coaching grants, resources, workshop places and prize draws, further details can be found on the website.

For further information on the GolfMark (incorporating Clubmark) Award visit

GolfMark is an initiative jointly provided by the EGU and ELGA via England Golf’s ‘Whole Sport Plan’ for golf and is an integral part of England Golf’s vision to ‘Grow the Game’.