I think Carnoustie is going to be set-up really well. I was actually there not long ago for an RBS day. It wasn?t exactly how it?s going to be in July but I could see that it should be set up quite a bit fairer then it was in ?99. I think they got a little bit scared from what happened there last time. But it?s a good solid course, there are not too many tricks to it – you just have to hit a lot of good solid shots. Wind plays a big factor there which makes it very tough – 15, 16, 17, and 18 are very solid holes and I think if you can play those well then you are going to do well.

The greens on the whole are reasonably flat so they are the let-up on the golf course, so if you are playing well tee to green you are going to be successful. But then its an Open championship, you have to do everything well to be successful. You have to avoid the bunkers off the tee and go into the week playing well more than anything.

In the build up to the tournament I?ll work on controlling my ball flight. Whenever you are playing links golf it?s very important to control your trajectory. Generally it?s important just to have a good feeling about your golf game so that means putting in a lot of hard work.