During the Open Championship (July 16-20) the JMC simulator will be at the Broadgate Arena in London. There fans will be able to soak up a great golfing atmosphere and to try and replicate one of Jack Nicklaus? greatest Open Championship shots ? his final drive
of the 1970 Open.

The event will include:

RBS Jack Nicklaus Majors Challenge: Golfers will have the chance to win a trip to The Golden Bear Club in Florida, play a round of golf and have a set of Nicklaus clubs custom-fitted by Jack?s own club designer. Competitors will take on Jack?s drive on the 18th at St Andrews from the Open of 1970.

RBS Practice Nets: Inflatable nets that will enable you to try the latest Nicklaus Golf equipment during a free 10-minute golf lesson with a PGA professional coach.

RBS Leaderboard: A full-size scoreboard will relay the latest scores from the Open.

BBC Big Screen: A giant screen will show live BBC footage from the Open so you needn?t miss a shot.

RBS Putting Challenge: A specially constructed green will test your short-game skills.

Jack Nicklaus will make an appearance at the simulator in Broadgate Arena on Thursday July 19.

Not able to get down to Broadgate arena? Then go to www.rbs.com/jackschallenge to play the online version of the game (left), for your chance to win signed Jack Nicklaus memorabilia and equipment.