11.30 Media Centre

Colin Montgomerie has just given a press conference. The 44-year-old seemed relaxed and confident about the week ahead. ?I have a chance.? He said. ?I?m playing well and I?ve got a good time for tomorrow. If we get off to a decent start we can get into contention. The start is very important.? I?m just a little concerned with that last line. Monty has real issues when it comes to heaping pressure on himself, how will he manage if he gets off to a mediocre start?

Montgomerie is greatly buoyed by his win in the European Open two weeks ago. ?I?d begun to worry the win in Hong Kong in 2005 might be my last.? He said. ?Now I hope the European Open in 2007 won?t be my last.? The Scot feels it?s irrelevant the victory came on a course that?s very different to Carnoustie. ?It was a confidence booster, that?s all I can say. A win?s a win. I wouldn?t care if it came in a car park.?

Monty still has the game to beat the best in the world and he clearly believes that. When asked if he was still in his prime he said. ?I?d damn well hope so. I won 10 days ago for Christ?s sake.?

Colin was also asked about his views on the mobile phone ban. He replied to the question with a serious face. ?No, I?m actually fine with mobile phones and cameras on the course. They don?t bother me at all.? Then the hint of a wry smile appeared on his face. ?It?s guys like Retief and others who are easily distracted that I really feel for.?

The press conference finished with a message of encouragement for all the Scottish players in the field. ?I wish all the Scots who?ve qualified well.? He said. That should rally the troops. When pressed which Scot had the best chance this week he replied, ?We?ll take our chances.? I?m assuming that to be the Royal we.