A hole in one is no easy feat. However, for Farrington Golf Club‘s Jill Wellington a hole in one seems to be a regular occurrence. Having only started playing the game in 200, she carded her fourth ace in two years during a ladies competition this month.

It was a cold day, leaving the pins on the greens near the front to protect the hard surfaces. This meant that it was not only difficult to reach the flags, but holding the ball on the green was a demanding task in itself.

Yet, on the 5th tee, Wellington, a 26-handicapper, took a 7-iron and hit a lofted shot with a slight fade coming from the bank on the left. The result was easily understood as her playing partners’ screams of joy could be heard half way across the course.

There are four par threes at Farrington and Wellington has now aced every one but the 8th hole. Her first hole in one was at Stockwood near Bristol in 2010.