Each year, every month, soldiers return home from their tours of duty overseas. Some return unharmed physically from their ordeals, walking, running, hugging their loved ones as they had when they left.

Others, however, are not so lucky. These are the soldiers that have sacrificed the most without paying the ultimate price. These are the soldiers that came back gravely wounded, having lost arms and legs during the call of duty. It is these soldiers who have been dubbed the injured heroes.

The Volvo National Golf Club Challenge (Volvo NGCC) in support of Help for Heroes is trying to make the lives of those soldiers a little easier.

Entering its fourth straight year in July 2013, the Volvo NGCC has become the largest amateur charity golf competition in the United Kingdom. It aims to unite golfers all over the UK to honour the fallen and help those horrifically injured in the line of duty to collectively raise as much money as possible for Help for Heroes. This is achieved through a national golf club competition, with the winning club crowned as the 2013 Help for Heroes National Golf Club Challenge Champions.

“There are around 3000 golf clubs in the UK & Ireland,” said event director Stacey Jeffries. “If we can get 1000 registered to take part, each raising on average £1000, we would raise £1 million to help the continued recovery of our injured troops.”

Upon fundraising for Help for Heroes, participating clubs are asked to return their top five stableford scores from both the men’s and ladies’ sections from any event held on the official qualification weekend of the 12th, 13th, or 14th of July 2013.

The top five scores from both the men’s and ladies’ sections will then count as their respective club’s official aggregate score for each section. Each club’s aggregated score will be counted against the standard scratch and par, which must be turned in along with the fundraising check.

After the qualification weekend, the best performing clubs will compete in the regional semi-finals and then progress onto the National Final at Turnberry to compete for individual prizes and the ‘Lee Westwood Cup’ for the winning club.

There have also been some changes have been made to the Challenge’s format that leaves it quite different from previous years. Some of these changes include: 1) The NGCC can be included into any club competition at any point over Qualification Weekend, allowing more flexibility to golf clubs around the UK; 2) Four regional semi-finals have been introduced into the qualifying process for the National Final at Turnberry; and 3) Qualification will be divided into four regions (Northern England, Southern England, Scotland, and Wales).

“We can move mountains if we unite together,” Jeffries said. “Together we can make a difference.”

For more information go to www.volvongcc.co.uk