The County Finals will be contested by the winners of the county match weeks in each of the six regions of the English Women’s Golf Association.
Yorkshire, from the North region, and Warwickshire, from Midlands South, will be joined in the final by Dorset from the South West, Hertfordshire from the East, Leicestershire & Rutland from Midlands North and Sussex from the South.  

Yorkshire, the defending champions, booked their place at the North region week at Arcot Hall, Northumberland, where they won all five of their matches. Their closest rivals were Cheshire with 4 points, followed by Lancashire 3, Durham 2; Cumbria 1; and Northumberland 0.

The Yorkshire team was: Emma Brown (Malton & Norton), Kim Crooks (Saltburn), Nicola Dunn (Harrogate), Naomi Edwards (Ganton), Jodi Ewart (Catterick), Sara Garbutt (Ganton), Laura Harvey (Richmond), Ellie Robinson (Middlesborough).

Warwickshire secured their place at the Midlands South week at Wellingborough. They couldn’t be caught after four days of matches and  finished the week with 4½ points. They were followed by Buckinghamshire 2½; Northamptonshire 2½; Oxfordshire 2; Worcestershire & Herefordshire 2; Berkshire 1½.

Warwickshire’s team of 11 included seven players aged U21 and one of the youngest, Elizabeth Mallett, 13, won the players’ vote as Player of the Week. She scored eight wins from eight matches. The team was:  Kath Ashley (Nuneaton), Lisa Barton (Coventry), Hannah Coles (Maxstoke Park), Charlotte Dalton (Ladbrook Park), Abbey Gittings (Walmley), Elizabeth Haycock (Moseley), Claire Howells (Moor Hall), Hannah McLoughlin (Sutton Coldfield), Elizabeth Mallett (Sutton Coldfield), Rachel Rusted (Nuneaton), Lauren Taylor (Rugby).

North region results

Cumbria 1½ Lancashire 7½
Cheshire 5 Durham 4
Yorkshire 6½ Northumberland 2½

Cheshire 2½ Yorkshire 6½
Lancashire 6 Durham 3
Northumberland 4 Cumbria 5

Durham 6½  Northumberland 2½
Cumbria ½ Yorkshire 8½
Cheshire 5 Lancashire 4

Cumbria 3½ Cheshire 5½
Lancashire 7½ Northumberland 1½
Yorkshire 5½ Durham 3½

Yorkshire 7½ Lancashire 1½
Northumberland 2 Cheshire 7
Durham 6½ Cumbria 2½

Midlands South Region results

Oxfordshire 2½ Buckinghamshire 6½
Worcestershire & Herefordshire 6 Berkshire 3
Warwickshire 5 Northamptonshire 4

Oxfordshire 2½ Northamptonshire 6½
Buckinghamshire 4 Worcs & Herefordshire 5
Berkshire 2½ Warwickshire 6½

Buckinghamshire 4½ Berkshire 4½   
Oxfordshire 3½ Warwickshire 5½
Northamptonshire 5½ Worcs & Herefordshire 3½

Northamptonshire 4 Berkshire 5
Buckinghamshire 4½ Warwickshire 4½
Oxfordshire 5½ Worcs & Herefordshire 3½

Warwickshire 6 Worcs & Herefordshire 3
Oxfordshire 5½ Berkshire 3½
Buckinghamshire 4½ Northamptonshire 4½

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