Going to the doctor early can see more of us continuing to play the great game that is golf.

Getting Checked Can Save Your Life

There is no way around it, prostate cancer kills 10,000 men a year. But this number can be significantly reduced if more men played it safe and went to the doctor to get their prostate checked.

Alan Oliver did so eleven and a half years ago, and having gone through a series of treatments, he is still alive and kicking today. An avid golfer, Oliver plays at Portal Golf Club in Chesire and at one stage he got down to a handicap of nine.

For the past few years, Oliver has been working with Prostate Cancer UK to spread the word on going to the doctor sooner rather than later and one fantastic avenue he has gone down is poetry.

The Prostate Poem by Alan Oliver 

Guys, listen to me, if you’re having a pee

And the flow is just slow coming out

If you’re standing there yawning at three in the morning

It’s time to remove any doubt

If nocturnal trips produce dribbles and drips

And you feel like a knackered old codger

If the harder you try leaves you wondering why

You’re not making a splash with your todger

Well take it from me, you must see your G.P.

And the sooner the better, don’t linger

If your PSA’s raised there’s no need to be fazed

But your doctor might probe with his finger

Don’t pass on the chance to be dropping your pants

Coz it ain’t a big deal, honest guys

Your awkward full moon will be over quite soon

And it won’t bring a tear to your eyes

Boys, the message is clear, you have nothing to fear

And I can’t spell it our any plainer

With problems “down there” make your doctor aware

Listen up, it’s a total no brainer

So don’t be a fool, guys it isn’t uncool

There’s no merit in being a chancer

Go on make that call – could be nothing at all

Coz you don’t get a mulligan with cancer.

Prostate Poem author, Alan Oliver

Prostate Cancer UK

Founded in 1996 Prostate Cancer UK has the target of eradicating the issue of men dying by prostate cancer within 10 years.

Their plan on their website says, “In the last 20 years, we’ve invested over £37 million into ground breaking research. Bit by bit we’ve unearthed new discoveries. Inch by inch we’ve increased our knowledge, building on the advances of previous research, and laying foundations for future learning.”

It also revolves around better diagnosis, better treatment, better prevention and better support.

We all can help and play a part too, because it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to our health. Going to the doctor can help us all continue to play the great game that is golf!

For more information please visit their website here – https://prostatecanceruk.org

If you would like to donate to this cause, the click the link at the bottom of the page.

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