Golf Monthly urges club golfers in this country to do all they can for golf in this time of crisis and help our clubs survive

Golf Club Subscription Fees Due? Here’s Why You Should Pay Them…

We all now recognise that life has changed, and will continue to be changed, significantly by the Coronavirus.

Quite what the world will look like six months from now is currently impossible to predict but we all have to accept we are all looking at a long haul for a return to anything approaching the “normality” we lived in until just a couple of weeks ago.

At the start of this month, many of us were looking forward to the golf season, to The Masters, to spring and course conditions starting to improve.

Now we are looking at an extended, complete break from golf – None on TV and none to be played for the foreseeable future.

Can golf clubs as we know them in this country survive the enforced break?

At Golf Monthly, we believe they can, but for that to be the case, everybody who can has to do their bit.

That means, if at all financially possible, paying your annual subscription, even though you’re not getting use of the club and facilities for these months.

We’re aware of a good amount of conversation suggesting people are reluctant to pay, or will expect money back from, their club owing to the crisis.

But if, many already cash-strapped, clubs were to reimburse subs or receive significantly less than expected this year, they could go to the wall.

It’s totally understandable that everybody’s priorities will have altered because of this crisis and there will be those in a precarious financial position who have to make tough choices.

For some, golf might have to take a backseat this year – even if the sport is a passion.

We also recognise there are many who will have been affected financially who want to remain members of their club and to make a contribution where and when possible.

For these people, clubs must be flexible and look to provide options of credit, perhaps delayed or deferred payment.

We hope that clubs and members who have been affected financially can communicate effectively to discuss the options available.

Clubs want to retain members and members want to preserve their clubs – like everything in this challenging time, we have to work together.

But, for those who truly love this game and can afford to take a small financial hit, it’s vital that they do so.

Golf has been played on our islands for 550 years and it will continue after this crisis, but we don’t want it to become something that is marginalised and only open to the elite.

We are fortunate to have many smaller clubs that provide hubs in local communities, allowing people from many different walks of life to experience the sport, to mix across the social demographic, enjoying healthy fresh air and exercise together.

For golf to remain a sport for all, these clubs need support from their members to make it through Coronavirus and remain available for use on the other side.

So, we urge those who can to do their bit for club golf in this country – to support it and help it survive.

Please, if you can, pay your subs in full this year, or sustain your monthly payments, and look on it as an investment to the future of the game.

If, this time next year, you want to be looking forward to a full season of golf, on a complete roster of British courses, then you need to take one on the chin now.

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