The Association of Golf Writers (AGW) regained the Chesterfield Trophy on Monday, after defeating the Golf Foundation by 3.5 to 1.5 at Sunningdale Golf Club.

The Chesterfield Trophy trophy was first contested in 1987 and the match serves as an opportunity for the Golf Foundation to thank the AGW and its members for the press coverage given to national grass roots junior golf.

The AGW team proved that as well as describing a good game, the leading editors, writers and broadcasters could also play a bit, inspired by the magnificent surroundings of Sunningdale Golf Club’s Old Course.

Golf Foundation chairman Charles Harrison, said: “The Golf Foundation team is working very hard to reach one million youngsters a year through golf.

“As a charity, we need a lot of help from golfers everywhere to raise funds and expand our initiatives in schools and with clubs, so it was great to be able to discuss these ideas with AGW members today.

“Their support in telling our story is vital and really appreciated by everyone at the Golf Foundation.”

AGW captain and Golf Monthly editor Mike Harris, added: “The Golf Foundation is performing an excellent job in helping to bring on the next generation of golfers and this is something we should all support wholeheartedly.

“Golf is a great sport for encouraging friendship, fair play, respect for fellow players and other attributes, and the Foundation’s team promotes these ‘Skills for Life’ superbly in their programmes.”

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