Valentine Art Productions Limited has compiled a series of 18 photographic golf prints, all taken from the Department of Special Collections at the University of St Andrews Library.

All of the images – which cover a period of more than 100 years – were taken on the Old Course or around the clubhouse at the Home of Golf, and can be viewed here.

The selection includes images of some legendary golfers and documents the differing attire and equipment of yesteryear, painting an authentic picture of the evolution of golf.

The Department of Special Collections played a highly valued advisory role, helping Valentine Art Reproductions select a distinct array of historic images.

The Departments holds the Library’s collections of rare and early printed books, manuscripts, photographs and the University’s institutional archive.

Individual images are priced at £45 per mounted print and £65 for the framed options. Framing is only available throughout the UK, but mounted prints will be delivered anywhere overseas.

Oil paintings of the prints are also able to purchase, with a special package available to golf clubs who want their own artwork copied to sell to interested members.

For more information, or to contact Valentine Art Reproductions, call 01828 627484, e-mail or visit