"I hit 120 and my caddy told me I had bought great shame to my family."

Aussie Amateurs Blag Their Way Into North Korea Golf Tournament

Two Australian amateur golfers managed to enter an international golf tournament in North Korea, posing as world-class professionals.

Morgan Ruig and Evan Shay, 28, heard about the tournament whilst in Beijing and managed to enter.

They represented Australia and wore green blazers with their national flag on.

They even placed a bouquet of flowers at a monument dedicated to North Korea’s leaders as part of their tour of Pyongyang.

North korea golf

Image credit: Lupine Travel/Facebook

“We were very nervous handing our passports over at the border. There are stories of people not coming home,” Mr Ruig told the Courier-Mail newspaper.

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The two-day tournament featured 85 competitors and took place at the Pyongyang Golf Complex, North Korea’s only golf course.

It’s where the late Kim Jong-Il opened and played the first round in 1987 – it was reported that he shot 38-under-par with 11 holes-in-one.

North Korea golf

Image credit: Lupine Travel/Facebook

Morgan Ruig said: “I hit 120 and my caddy told me I had bought great shame to my family.”

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“We played very poorly… but we met some very interesting people.”

Both men left the country without any problems.