To help raise awareness of the 3,000 people killed every single year on UK roads, Brake is appealing to golfers to ‘Drive fore Brake’ and organise a charity golf day through their golf club or company.

The appeal, promoted by ‘Brake,’ aims to educate drivers within the golfing community on how they can look after their own and other people’s safety whilst simultaneously raising much needed funds for Brake’s support services.

The ‘Drive Fore Brake’ appeal has the backing of Robert Potter, a keen golfer and employee of the Highways Agency. “I wanted to raise money for Brake because I was a victim in a crash a few years ago where the driver was drunk” said Robert.

“My goal now is to raise as much awareness as I can about the risk and dangers of drink-driving, and the affect it has on the victims and their loved ones” he added.

Statistics show that men are almost three times as likely to be killed on roads as women. Similarly, 97% of all dangerous driving convictions are against men, making the male dominated golfing community particularly vulnerable on the roads.

Golfers interested in ‘Driving Fore Brake’ should contact Brake on 01484 530085 or email

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