Business Innovation Show To Be Held In February - learn from the UKs most forward thinking and innovative golf clubs.

Business Innovation Show To Be Held In February

The Golf Business Innovation Show is only 2 months away, and if you are interested in learning from the UKs most forward thinking and innovative golf clubs, then this is a must attend event.

If you are interested in maximising your existing revenue streams, or even creating new ones through innovation and diversification, there will be case study presentations from respected clubs and facilities across the UK, as well as expert insight into key areas identified by managers and secretaries across the UK in the recent Golf Business Innovation Show’s survey.

The most important topics highlighted by managers & secretaries that will be covered include, Reaching New Markets, Local Community Engagement & Social Media, Website Design to Support ALL your Services (not just golf), Simulators & Indoor Golf, Restaurants/Outsourcing/Franchising, Financing, Weddings, plus much more!

Here are a couple of interesting quotes as to the reasons why some delegates are attending the Golf Business Innovation Show:

As a golf course proprietor penalized by the UK taxation system. It is now even more important to become more efficient and research new income streams. The golf innovation show allows me this opportunity”

 “Golf clubs must look at ways of utilising any spare land in ways that can compliment their existing business.  If done sympathetically, the existing golf facility and food and beverage operation will benefit and thrive”

 “The usual set up of a golf club is somewhere along the lines of 150 acres of land, ridiculously expensive machinery to maintain it, £1m+ building and staff for every daylight hour of the year and more. Imagine putting a new business plan together listing the above details suggesting that 500 regular customers is a target, you would be laughed out of the room by any entrepreneur. Therefore it is essential to open your doors to the tens of thousand o people who could walk in to your business for a different reason, if you, your facility and your staff impress them, they will be back with others and goodness… might take up golf as well!”

 Sample case studies include:

Fynn Valley Golf Club – How to access new markets, creating a journey from non-golfer to member that is assisted at every level to ensure customers see the next step is possible and have others of a similar mentality to do it with. Diversifying into other uses of existing facility such as Foot Golf. Adding value to your memberships instead of discounting them to beat your competition.

Loch Lomond Golf Club – Members bought the Club in a spectacular coup seven years ago.

A high risk emotional purchase by 350 members of this famous venue has been vindicated with a thriving Membership, increased member usage and 1001 stories of ‘high risk’ stakes.

Hear how Loch Lomond DOUBLED its food & beverage operation within 3 years without looking too far past their members.

Celtic Manor – Hear from Celtic Manor’s Director of Golf & Retail, detail their move into the family and leisure market, and how this has complemented their golf business, and driven the business forward. You will also hear from Celtic Manor Director of Events & Conferences to gain in sight into what businesses look for when hiring functions rooms, how to maximise your sell, and how to reach your local business market.

Torquay Golf Club – How to take a full and honest audit of all your facilities, realise your strengths and weaknesses, and how to full maximise the income from what you have and where future potential may lie.

Other case studies will include Cumberwell Park Golf Club, Leeds Golf Centre and there current £9m planning application. Plus insight from specialist in local community engagement, reaching new markets, effective website design to support all services, SEO, PR, Social Media. Plus much much more.

If you are keen to hear from peers, their experiences in maximising current revenue streams, driving footfall and engagement from all walks of life, and even creating new income streas to complement your club. Contact the golf Business Innovation Show, and mention Golf Monthly, as you will receive 50% discount on Gold and Silver Passes.

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