Learn tips from Tour veteran David Howell and discover the latest from Adams' Blue range.

Enjoy the Game, an Adams Golf digital magazine, includes tips from David Howell about driving, hybrids and how to shape shots– click here to access.

The mini-mag focuses on equipment showcases and tests, as well as Howell’s advice for golfers.

Before you hear what Howell has to say, discover the latest woods and irons in the Adams Blue range. Designed to make the game of golf easier, see how the driver, fairway, hybrids and irons take things to the next level.

After learning about the Adams Blue range, follow three of our readers’ journey as they put the clubs to the test. They try things out with the help Howell, who keeps a close eye on their swing and gives them pointers.

Hear what readers, Tom, Matt and Greg have to say about the drivers after trying them out at the driving range. GM and Howell also give their insights on the Blue products.

3 readers with howell

In the Love your Long Game section of the digital magazine, Howell dives into his top tips for hitting better shots with your driver, hybrids and irons. He gives step-by-step guides for each and exclusive videos for Golf Monthly readers.

Videos can be found throughout the mini-mag making learning tips even easier.

After discussing the tricks of the trade, the five-time European Tour winner informs readers on how to make the most of their time at the driving range. Although it’s mainly to benefit your game, practice time can still be fun. Howell explains six ways to have fun on the range.

Howell then meets back up with the three readers and answers questions they have for him. He discusses his Ryder Cup experiences, opens up about life on the circuit and what lies ahead for the game.

During the Tour Pro Q&A session, Golf Monthly quizzes Howell on his best-ever shot, memories from previous events and discusses what he thinks will happen between Jordan Speith and Rory McIlroy in the future.