Keep on enjoying golf’s distinctive sounds with the new Widex Beyond hearing aid...

Birds chirping early in the morning, the ball rattling into the back of the cup and the sweet ping of a well-struck drive are three of the most gratifying sounds you can experience during a round of golf.

You can add many more to that list, but the bottom line is that golf’s natural audio is one of its most enjoyable and endearing features. Being able to hear properly on the course greatly enhances the game’s appeal and makes it much safer.

Those hard of hearing, and fearing they may have to stop playing the sport they love, will be pleased to learn technology in this sphere has come on leaps and bounds in recent times, with the new Widex Beyond hearing aid leading the way.

Unfortunately, deteriorating hearing is part and parcel of life for many. Fortunately, though, modern hearing technology is enabling people to remain active and continue with the hobbies they love. This is especially pertinent to golf, with people of all ages listing the game as one of their most-loved activities. Widex Beyond enables golfers to live a life without limits and carry on playing until they are physically unable.

As well as being discreet, Widex Beyond has a wireless connection to your iPhone so you no longer need wires or other hearing aid control devices. The Widex Beyond hearing aid is connected to your smartphone and controlled via an app, allowing you to monitor, manage and control your hearing aids directly from your phone and enabling you to adjust settings like volume and sound management. With such excellent sound quality, you’ll be able to vividly hear the noise of someone shouting ‘fore’ or a zephyr whipping against the flagstick.

Beyond also offers more wireless connectivity options than any other hearing aid on the market. You can have phone calls and Skype conversations streamed directly through your aid, as well songs from your iTunes library. If you’re looking to make a quick getaway and dodge the traffic after your round of golf, Google Maps can read directions aloud through the device. However, the pull of a post-round pint might be too strong to ignore! Other features of the app – which makes use of familiar swipe functionality so you can easily find your way around – include the ability to create personal programmes, insert pictures and wallpapers and craft personal templates for speech and music.

bloom™ hearing specialists – a provider of hearing solutions tailored to individual requirements – has a number of branches throughout England and Wales and is one of a select few retailers to be offering the impressive new Widex Beyond hearing aid. bloom™ offers a free two-week trial, a 60-day money-back-guarantee, free after-care for life and a four-year warranty, meaning you can be totally confident and reassured in the services they provide.

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