Golf Care has published the results of their annual survey of 13,000 golfers which gives insight into UK golfers preferred brands, lifestyle choices and average spending habits

The leading UK Golf Insurance provider, Golf Care, has published their annual survey to give an insight into the lifestyle choices, preferred brands and average spending habits of UK golfers.

More than 13,000 responses from the UK golfing population were recorded for the survey.

The company compares a variety of criteria such as the average spend of a round of golf by members and non-members of clubs.

Average spending across the United Kingdom and Ireland were compared, with the Republic of Ireland spending on average the most per year.

Brands were also pitted against one another, with participants voting for their favourite golf ball and iron brand.

The firm also compares the amount of golfers, both members and non-members, who currently have golf insurance in the UK.

Below is a breakdown of the results of the 2014 Golf Care survey.