is a free way of recording and analysing all the bets you make out on the golf course over the space of a year. It means you can not only record how well you are doing, but also how well (or badly) the rest of your group is performing, and who are the big winners and losers.

Whether you play in a weekly fourball or a monthly social, the chances are that there will be some money exchanging hands at the end of your round depending on how well you and your playing partners have performed. means you can track exactly what bets you are putting on. also describes a wide range of new and interesting bets that you can have on the course from the interestingly named Bingo-Bango-Bongo to Aces and Deuces. There will be something there that you haven’t yet discovered and will make your round of golf even more interesting.

Through it is also possible for you to identify who to play and who to avoid, with the most successful players and biggest losers being easily identifiable with just the click of a button. for golfers that like to keep score.

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