Tiger Woods witnesses first ever hole in one at his own course, made by 11 year old Taylor Crozier. By James Taylor


Tiger witnesses Hole-in-one at the Playgrounds

Taylor Crozier 11 years of age from Corpus Christi Texas recorded a hole-in-one at Tiger Woods’ brand new Playgrounds course at Bluejack National.

Tiger who spent the whole day at Bluejack, which is found in Montgomery, Texas, spoke about how the course is coming along and the fact he is still rehabbing form his latest back surgery.

It was on the very first hole that the ace was made, an 81-yard par-3, in front of the crowd Crozier played his shot to the left of the pin and let gravity do the rest.

Crozier was over come with joy and received a bear hug from 14-time major champion who then stood on the tee and said “Are you kidding me right now?”

Crozier had earned the right to play with Woods and one other junior and represented the South Texas PGA.

The playground is home to a range of par-3 holes that stem from 50 yards to over 100 yards in length.

The hole-in-one certainly helped Taylor’s score over-all after he made one other birdie to card a round of 32 at two over par, pretty good going considering Tiger shot 35.

Ceci also made a 32, to beat Tiger by three shots, no hole in one but she made three birdies on her way round.