Hosung Choi captured the hearts of golf fans last weekend and now there's a petition to get him to The Open


Man Creates Hilarious Petition To Get Hosung Choi Into The Open

Hosung Choi became an internet sensation last weekend after getting plenty of TV time during the Korean Open.

WATCH: Hosung Choi’s viral golf swing

The 44-year-old has a swing like no other and it went viral as he got himself in contention before finishing in a tie for 5th place.

Two spots in next month’s Open at Carnoustie were up for grabs and Choi came up just shy with a final round of 74.

One man hasn’t taken Choi’s disappointing final round very well and has started a petition to get him to Carnoustie.

In the petition, titled ‘Give special exemption to Hosung Choi for 2018 Open Championship’, he addresses the R&A and compares the world number 500’s golf ability to Leonardo da Vinci’s painting skills.

The petition, which has 229 signatures at the time of writing, reads…

“To: R&A

During the 2018 Korean Open that concluded today, Sunday, June 24th 2018, the top 2 players receive a spot in the 2018 Open Championship held at Carnoustie Golf Links from July 19-22, 2018.  While taking nothing away from the winners of the Korean Open, it was the story of another player from the field that captured the hearts of Millions across the Globe.

His name is Hosung Choi, a 44 year old from South Korea, who’s unique post-swing body language and fiery spirit had countless viewers Glued to their TV sets for 4 days. While the numbers aren’t finalized yet, I can only assume that the total viewers and social media mentions during an otherwise overlooked tournament had to be exponentially higher than normal levels.  The reason for this can be explained by one man, Hosung Choi.

This is what golf needs right now, a force who is much watch TV.  While Tiger Woods’ comeback is stirring up ratings and rounds played, and there are a handful of others in peak championship form, the Open needs a Hosung Choi in the field.  We need a hero. As Leonardo da Vinci did with a brush and Oil, Hosung Choi paints with a club and ball.

The only purpose of this petition is to give this man a special exemption into the 2018 open championship field.

Thank you for your consideration – Golf Fans Everywhere.”