The authors of a new Tiger Woods biography have hit back after Woods' team claimed errors were made


Tiger Woods Biography Authors Fight Back At Error Claims

The authors of the new Tiger Woods biography Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian have hit back after claims from the Woods camp that the book was factually incorrect.

The new biography is supposed to be a comprehensive look at the life of Tiger Woods.

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Benedict and Keteyian, both investigative journalists, extensively researched for the book for three years and conducted over 400 interviews with people from all corners of Woods’ life including friends, family members, teachers, partners, coaches, business associates, Tour pros and members of Woods’ inner circle.

In a press release, they say the biography is ‘destined to make headlines and linger in the minds of readers for years to come’.

However, Woods’s manager, Mark Steinberg, and chief spokesperson, Glenn Greenspan, released a statement questioning the book, saying Benedict and Keteyian “gave us no chance whatsoever to verify any of the material, which resulted in a long string of errors in the book.”

They also claim the biography is a “re-hash” of previous books on the 14-time major winner and that the authors “did zero fact checking with us of any kind.”

Steinberg and Greenspan also said in a statement that the book had numerous “careless mistakes”, some of which included “Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer applauding at a dinner they never attended,” “quoting a broadcaster who wasn’t present at an event,” and “inventing a press gathering that didn’t occur.”

However, Benedict and Keteyian released a statement to in defence of their work:

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“Between January 2016 and February 2018, we made repeated attempts to interview Tiger himself through his representatives, Glenn Greenspan and Mark Steinberg. As we write in our book, they imposed conditions for Tiger’s cooperation that no serious journalist would accept.

“As for our sourcing and research, as responsible biographers we are very open in our book about the use of Tiger’s own extensive written and public statements as a crucial source of insights, facts, and reflections. We credit these and other previously written books and articles about Tiger Woods for providing valuable reference and verification for our narrative.

“If we have made any inadvertent typographical or factual errors, we will correct them in future printings of the book.

“But let us be clear: We stand by the accuracy of our reporting and are proud to have produced a critically acclaimed book that answers a question many have asked for many years: Who is Tiger Woods?”

‘Tiger Woods’ biography came out on 27th March – you can buy from Amazon here

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