Silky signs off

Apart from Padraig, there was no one more relieved than I was to see his Championship-winning putt drop into the cup on the last play-off hole. I honestly didn?t mind whether he or Sergio won, so why was I so pleased? Quite simply, I couldn?t take any more. Four days of great golf and a roller-coaster of a final afternoon left me physically and emotionally drained. The prospect of going back up the 18th was about as unappealing as another helping of treacle pudding and custard when you?ve just finished a five-course meal. Give me 12 months to recover and I should be just about ready for Royal Birkdale. If it?s half as thrilling as this Open Championship has been, it?ll be a corker. And let?s hope for another European triumph. Me, I?ll be rooting for Sergio next time.