The Ryder Lions ? the story of Great Britain’s 1957 Ryder Cup victory by Brian Belton

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The Americans had held the Ryder Cup for almost a quarter of a century when they landed at Lindrick Golf Club in 1957. However, the Great Britain and Ireland team sent them back across the Atlantic empty handed as the “Lions of Linrick” snatched glory on a dramatic final day.

GB&I were still recovering from the after-effects of World War II when the greatest golfing power of the time pitched up in South Yorkshire but, led by the now legendary Dai Rees, the hosts determination and fight proved the difference as they completed a 7.5 ? 4.5 victory.

Veteran sports writer Dr Brian Belton tells the story of this great triumph in the history of British golf in a book released to mark the 50 year anniversary of the “Lions of Lindrick”. Packed with never-before-seen pictures and detailed anecdotes from those involved this book is a must-read for anyone interested in the Ryder Cup and its stunning history.

Whether you remember the events of 1957 or are too young to have even heard of the people involved, such as the great Christy O?Connor, The Ryder Lions provides an interesting and at times intriguing insight into the last all British team to win the Ryder Cup. It is published by Pennant Books and retails at £8.99.