The Governing Body of the Official Golf World Rankings have announced some changes to their points and weighting systems, which will become effective as of January 1st, 2007.

The major change is to the rate of decline for the value of points earned in the Official World Golf Rankings. The current system involves full weighting for the immediate 13 weeks after points are earned, with the points then being reduced by one eighth for each subsequent 13 week block over a two-year period.

The new rules retain the 13 week period of full weighting, but the declining adjustments will in future be made every week until the end of the two year period. The main aim is to provide a more up-to-the-minute assessment of a player’s recent form.

“The change is designed to place additional emphasis on current performance whilst at the same time causing a smoother transition of a player’s weekly loss of ranking points,” said a spokesperson for the Official Golf World Rankings.

A further change refers to points earned on the South African Sunshine Tour. The European Tour has announced that the minimum points level would increase from 12 to 14, thus putting the South African Sunshine Tour on a level footing with Asian Tour and the US PGA Nationwide Tour.