Electric golf trolleys have long lost their reputation as clunky machines just for senior golfers. Players ranging from the England Elite squad to complete beginners are enjoying the benefits that trolleys can provide.

The reduction in fatigue and ability to carry all the gear you could ever need means that the electric golf trolley is more popular than ever. This has led to a boom in the number of electric trolleys on the market. Developments in technology mean the latest generation of trolleys are lighter than ever, as well as being more user friendly.

With this in mind Golf Monthly has conducted its biggest ever trolley test to help you find the one that will best suit your needs. We gathered a combination of Golf Monthly staff and readers to comprehensively test 12 of the latest electric trolleys and offered our detailed feedback on each.

We wanted a test venue that would test the ability of each trolley to perform on undulating ground. The perfect venue was found at Goodwood, West Sussex, in the form of the beautiful Downs Course. The dramatic changes in elevation meant this was the ideal place for the ultimate trolley test.


In order to fully test the models each member of the test team was sent a trolley exactly as they would receive it after purchase. They then set up and charged the trolley ready for play. After nine holes at Goodwood they switched trolleys with another tester in order to provide supplementary input into the final report. Each trolley was then judged on the following criteria, and an overall test report outlined the positives and negatives of each model:

– Ergonomics & Manoeuvrability: How easy was the trolley to assemble and operate? Was it stable and easy to steer?
– Functionality: What range of features were on offer and how useful were they?
– Desirability/Styling: How did the styling compare to others on test? How much did you want to own the trolley?
– Value: How did the trolley’s performance match up to its price tag?
– Build quality: Did the trolley feel solid?
– Bag fit: Did your bag fit snugly? Was a specific bag required on the trolley?
– Clarity of instructions: How easy was it to set up for play straight out of the box?
– Car storage: How easy did your trolley fit into your boot with your clubs?