Srixon Z-TX driver, £349

This is an excellent driver with a powerful impact sound and good distance. However, those looking for a confidence-inspiring club might find 
the look at address a little harsh. 

The Z-TX’s compact, classic look is sure to appeal to traditionalists. Although attractive, the sharp black head lacks any alignment aid, which made it feel quite difficult to hit.

Key technology
The thin face of the Srixon Z-TX driver creates a larger sweetspot and offers impressive ball speed.

Srixon Z-TX driver

Cleveland Launcher DST driver, £229

Last year’s Launcher was an impressive performer with the only slight criticism being the large alignment aid. This has been removed and the driver looks stunning as a result. The lightweight head didn’t give any less control, and produced long drives that sounded fantastic.

Key technology
This head is 25 grams lighter than standard drivers to help produce faster clubhead speeds. In order to improve forgiveness nine grams of weight have been removed from the face and repositioned low and deep in the head. The Cleveland Launcher DST driver should suit 
golfers who are looking for a few extra yards, want a traditional head with no alignment, and/or like a solid but not overbearing impact noise.

Cleveland Launcher DST driver