A Disorderly Compendium of Golf by Lorne Rubenstein and Jeff Neuman
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This is a highly engaging book for all golf fans. True to the title, the book is crammed with original stories and facts placed in no particular order. Enthusiasts will enjoy topics ranging from the world?s most underrated golf destinations, to exposing golf myths, and 18 facts about the first Masters in 1934 (did you know that the start date of the first round was scheduled according to when the sportswriters could arrive following baseball training?).

The book also contains light-hearted advice on, for example, how to be good to your caddie (in particular how best to tip!), whilst it also remembers to advise caddies on how to be good to their player. Other features include the greatest golf scenes in non-golf movies, famous golfers who have died on course, strange historical golfing rules, and a golfing zodiac.

Be warned to keep the book well hidden from others ? there is so much information in A Disorderly Compendium of Golf that your friends and family may well try to ?lose? it to prevent you from incessantly going on about all the new anecdotes and facts you will inevitably learn.