It appears that Golf Monthly’s online readers have entered 2007 full of confidence about their game, as the results of our recently completed poll suggest. A record number of voters took part in the poll that asked our readers how many shots they were realistically hoping to shave off their handicaps during the year ahead.

Only 5% of those completing the survey did not expect to see any sort of improvement in their handicaps, while almost half of those taking part in the poll expected to shave at least four strokes off their current mark. Only time will tell whether this is a realistic prediction or if it is the product of bold optimism on the part of our readers like so many resolutions made each January.


How many shots are you realistically hoping to reduce your handicap by in 2007?

4 or more shots – 49%
3 shots – 19%
2 shots – 18%
1 shot – 9%
No change – 3%
It will increase – 2%


With spring now visible on the horizon, golfers often use these months to take stock of their games. We have asked you about your handicaps, and now we are asking you about your equipment. With sales set to increase in the spring, many golfers will be looking to replace or make additions to their current sets.

Our latest poll asks you how much money you would be prepared to spend on a new set of irons – give us your view now by casting your vote in the usual place on the left hand side of the page.